“The Sex Guru

My philosophy is

Heal Your Sexuality; Heal Your Life!”

I am a Clinical Sexologist, counselor, artist, and professional writer who holds a Ph.D in Human Sexuality, a Masters in Clinical Psychology and is a certified sex coach. As a nationally recognized sex expert, I have been featured in Playboy, People Magazine, Time Magazine, Psychology Tomorrow, Self.com, Vice.com, Entity Magazine, and The Irish Examiner. I am also presented as a recurring sex therapist on the Snapchat network Brother for the show Don't Suck at Sex!

My specializations include: 

*Sex Therapy

*Relationship Counseling

*Alternative Lifestyles and Sexual Behaviors

*Sexual Trauma (Male & Female)

*Incest Survivor (Emotional & Physical)

*Empowerment Therapy


I grew up in a conservative “sex-shaming” environment. This shame caused me an excessive amount of emotional pain that negatively affected my life and sexuality. It took many years on my personal journey toward healing to finally release the buried shame and fully embrace my inner sexual Goddess. 

One result of my personal experience was that I desired to assist others who have suffered injury on their sexual paths. The truth is, when it comes to sexuality, many are not given a smooth road to travel. Some have problematic, rocky paths before them. It is a tremendous honor to be able to guide these individuals toward their goals of a passionate, healthy sexuality. My experience not only motivated me but also gave me the understanding to do this work.


My work is a MIND-BODY-ENERGY approach to sexual wellness and healing. I am an intuitive healer who incorporates my gift into my work. As a sexologist, I am inherently sex-positive and maintain a broad perspective by taking biological, psychological, sociological, anthropological and historical factors into consideration when addressing my clients’ sexual issues. I am nonjudgmental and do not have any preconceptions of what a client’s sexuality “should” look like.

Unlike other sex therapists, I think outside the box and often use non-traditional tools when working with my clients. When needed in correlation with my counseling, I refer my clients to other healers – hypnotherapists, sex surrogates, licensed sexological bodyworkers, professional cuddlers, and professional dominatrixes, just to name a few. 

As an artist, I often paint portraits (with consent) of my female clients who have, through our time together, found their inner Goddess. I rejoice in all cultures, body sizes, ages, and sexual orientations and love to celebrate my client’s inner Goddess by painting her. My published books include Sex Work and Female Self-Empowerment, which presents a fresh perspective on "the world’s oldest profession" by considering the relationship between sex work and female self-empowerment, and Hero Without the O, a collection of my poetry, short stories, and artwork that is an expression of my personal journey toward spiritual and sexual healing. 

I am the most blessed being that I know, for each morning I wake up and get to do everything I always wanted to do. Promote love, sexual health, and wellness.